Sally Post, author of Joy in Discipline, joined the podcast to discuss some of the ideas she recommends for “eating well, exercising well, and living well” in our modern world of fast food, lack of sleep, stress, and time-wasting behaviors.

Beyond just indulging in these habits, Post believes the key to healthy living is making sure that you are constantly shaping them to your lifestyle: “There’s a fundamental human desire that what we eat matters to us,” she told The Grio. She talks about including these habits in your everyday life, and adapting them whenever they are necessary.

“People aren’t eating healthy the way they used to because they’re so busy, they have hectic schedules, they’re stressed and they’re busy, and there’s so much of this!” Post said. “What I believe strongly in is health goes hand in hand with how much you enjoy living a happy life.”

Watch the full segment above.

This interview originally appeared on The Grio.

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