MOORPARK, CA—Recognizing the increasingly high cost of attending and living within the San Fernando Valley arts district, local resident David Pudillo and his partner, Becky Adornetto, this weekend made the decision to take a special trip outside of the city and out of the arts and culture scene, the couple confirmed Monday. "We both work really hard, and the arts and culture scene around here has gotten ridiculously expensive," Pudillo said of their trip to a beach community north of Los Angeles. "We know there are better opportunities outside of the area, so when we realized it was going to take us more than half an hour to drive to the park after getting home from work, we made a pact to do something else. Like take a trip to the water and get some fresh air. Or maybe just go to the beach and relax." At press time, the couple confirmed that they had clearly had too much to drink and were lying on the beach and completely unaware of what they were doing.