FLORHAM PARK, NJ—In preparation for her planned first date with her future husband in less than three months, local woman Abigail Finkle, 29, reportedly told a prospective real-estate agent Monday that she urgently needs to complete the final three-week phase of a six-month apartment-hunting process. “We’ve been perusing open houses, apartment-hunting and taking notes to make sure we get the pad we want,” said Finkle, who admitted she was “absolutely in a rush” to place a final package together at the newly renovated, 1,000-square-foot loft in the town she plans to eventually build a family in, and then, upon husband-to-be Zachary meeting her, demonstrate her readiness to get to know him better. “I’m just this little petite gal who works as a nurse and lives in New Jersey and couldn’t possibly have time to dedicate to two hours of afternoon conversations and cold conversations, so I need to be able to move very quickly. So I need to have everything here as soon as I can, and soon, so I’m hoping you can help me set up my future home.” Sources said the real-estate agent expressed happiness that Finkle had come so far so quickly and was so eager to meet her future husband.