Peronies are an important element in any successful organization.

How it works

Peronsal productivity is a standard operational quality that denotes the quality of a material product or process. When improved, peronsal productivity can have the immediate effect of reducing the costs of running an organization. Just as an improved health system saves money because fewer healthcare resources are needed to properly service the population, an improved quality of processes or products can not only save money, but generate brand competitive advantage and affect strategic decision making as well.

How to improve peronsal productivity

1. Capture examples of practices

Every organization is constantly learning, it is imperative to give props to those practices that stand out and provide examples that others can replicate and improve upon.

2. Customize the training

Your other training staff, colleagues and clients are all striving for a better understanding of your peronsal product, process or practices. Attribute their observations to your leadership and use this information to continue to improve all aspects of your company.

3. Monitor and talk about your peronsal metrics

This is where I’d like to differ from Mr. King. If a peronsal log was handy, some of my co-workers could use that to track their behaviors across the org. Overall feedback and input from our employees is imperative to improvement. In other cases, we utilize tools that provide coaching, trainings and newsletters. I would also add those aforementioned to mention our examples of peronsal productivity. If you’d like to be more specific, you may want to consult with your senior management on this. They’ll be happy to assist you.

These daily activities will ensure a continuous improvement throughout every facet of your organization. The most important thing is to ensure you are focused on the whole value proposition and not just the product or process improvement.

Dasia Moore, Director of Communications & Marketing (north america)