Happy Thursday! SF Weekly’s Best of 2019 list is here. Pick up a copy and enjoy the week’s top stories and the year’s most noteworthy moments! And if you love us for our diversity of voices and stories that inform and inform us and challenge us to think more radically about who we are as an internet community, consider subscribing!

Everything we’ve collected in this guide fits into four categories: Annuals, Stories that Matter, Readers’ Favorites, and Honorable Mentions. Many of these stories are recurring favorites. We think this year was especially long on (and unexpected storytelling from) the women’s and LGBTQ+ communities. There was also a surge of powerful environmental stories that we hope will make it through the “overdue” Green New Deal.


It’s less than 24 hours since Trump officially shut down the government. What would it be like if the others did the same? We’ll ask the millions of federal workers who are now going to be at the mercy of a lame-duck Congress when the deadline approaches. (Plus, why the GOP can’t be bought.)

We also spoke to some of the 18,000 federal employees who live on the Bay Area’s peninsula, including Bay Area Pride Festival producer Mike Darling. Let’s not forget that while Trump is promising “greatness,” the rest of the nation’s government is up to its eyeballs in Trump administration scandals.

Trump’s wide-ranging election courtship of Jeanine Pirro brought her back to the Fox News anchor desk, where she is passionate, brash, and no doubt still a hit with President Trump’s grassroots. But she’s not quite done sniping at everyone else.

We ended 2018 with several serious criminal cases to cover. While many are noise cases for a city like San Francisco, who know what they’ll look like when the attorney general dives into the classified prosecution of big tech?