Game 2 of the World Series had just ended, and the victorious Houston Astros were back in the dugout celebrating.

In the first inning, they had their allotted time to warm up and warm down pitchers. They could take a timeout to stretch or if they wanted to and have it time out of the game. But coach Matt Stairs snuck out into the clubhouse and disappeared among some jockeys in the horse room, leaving two of the team’s equipment managers and two other teammates behind to film a video of Stairs leaving the clubhouse. Their Twitter account, “Astros’ Secrets,” started up with the video, of Stairs popping his head around an exit door at the clubhouse exit. The Astros’ Secret Twitter account was named in honor of the late Wade Boggs, a 12-time All-Star catcher for the Boston Red Sox who was equally as flamboyant on and off the field.

“It is my privilege to enter and leave Houston Astros clubhouse without hindrance,” Stairs says in the video while wearing a purple Astros cap. “I acknowledge the Birds’ experience of unsolicited cookies and stolen corn dogs. I promise to bear a grudge through my personal relationship with Halo the Blade the mischievous horse!”

The game, for both teams, was highly anticipated. It was their first World Series appearance. It was also their first day of spring training, which they would begin the following day. But the video of Stairs, soon making the rounds, ignited the rumor mill that it was for MLB’s security purposes. The Twitter feed had already gained viral notoriety for funny videos like Stairs shooting from a starting pitcher’s machine and the Astros veteran in the clubhouse flipping off a pitcher who disrespected his grandmother, and now the first video of Stairs pumping his gun while heading for the clubhouse was super-de-lusting and driving the tweet out of the norm.