In news that will make you weep for your country, Sydney’s air quality has gone from “good” to “hazardous.” As a city that has climate change on its doorstep, we probably shouldn’t be surprised—but it’s still deeply depressing nonetheless.

That’s why the Australian government is probably miffed that the biggest e-commerce companies in the country have still chosen to let customers cycle to work.

eBay began allowing riders to order food from restaurants in September of last year, in the hope that the package-delivery company can expand the business for both riders and drivers in the process. Deliveroo, a London-based e-commerce competitor that has expanded into Australia, is also bringing in deliveries from restaurants, and it’s hiring more drivers to cope with demand.

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison is expected to meet with e-commerce executives at his first media conference of the year, a week after the Cronulla riots, which was a reminder that people are increasingly becoming intolerant of racial minority groups. For a country that has large pockets of poverty and racist violence, a government trying to adjust to a post-Brexit Australia might want to rethink the order of things. (I’m assuming, anyway.)