Our modern day heroine Susan Kelechi Watson is the kind of woman you picture on the cover of a Hello Kitty calendar: She’s in her mid-30s, fabulous, and Harvard-educated. A former journalist who has worked for NPR, NPR Europe, CBC, The Washington Post, and more, Watson now makes her living as an actress and most recently appeared on the series A Million Little Things, which focuses on a group of friends and their best friends and families and how they get through the bumpy road ahead.

The millennial through-line of Watson’s work is the connection between her and her family, and that connection is drawn out here as she reflects on growing up with two intellectuals and two writerly types, and how that led her into a career as a journalist and, later, actress. Is Watson a “socially awkward young lady,” as former Herald staffer Hannah Fine put it, or a “socially awkward middle-aged woman?” There are no easy answers, but Watson — who is as good a mover and shaker as she is an actor and a communicator — provides a resonant and moving introduction to women of her generation and her wide range of interests and passions.