The British Royal family’s security forces proved they’re as damn good as they look in this incredible behind-the-scenes video.

At the opening of Buckingham Palace’s new Thomas Sabo Gallery, Queen Elizabeth II discusses the loss of more than 50 sets of her own dentures – collectively totaling one million dents.

When asked if her husband, Prince Philip, was also a regular dentist in the house, the Queen replies, “And Prince Harry has his own dentistry background now as well.”

She then smiles and says, “The Duke always seems to have a spare denture, doesn’t he?”

“And the Duchess [of Sussex], her dentistry background was pretty well established, if you like, already in Kensington – so Harry and Meghan took all of them with them when they left.”

But, she adds, the rest of the family can still have a few teeth-cleaning appointments with the Duke.

He’s happy to accompany them!

“I’ll be taking you there once a year and we’ll see what you can do to have a bit of time on your own.”

The tour opens with the Queen showing the visitors’ honor guard, followed by an impressive one-ton replica of the Tudor inspired carpets they’ll be using at the world-famous palace later this year.

Her Majesty also takes the visitors on a journey through the Palace and points out all the changes they’ve seen over the past 40 years and says, “Those beautiful staircase choices in the early eighties.”

“You wouldn’t want to go up those stairs nowadays, although the staircases are so wonderful.”

While the visitors are going through the Palace, Her Majesty also shows them off to her good friend Princess Margaret, the Queen’s late sister.

Queen Elizabeth II shows off this beautiful chandelier which was once inside the Royal Ballet. — Kensington Palace () January 15, 2019

Is this the Queen’s favorite room? — Kensington Palace () January 15, 2019

Prince Philip’s wing chair, used during the World War II Blitz, sits in the prince’s study, where the Queen writes in her private rooms.

The palace can no longer find some very precious items now that the first floor has been razed for renovations, but the Queen has promised they’ll be replaced.

The video closes with the Queen showing some of the many items she’s collected throughout her long life – from picassos, to chandeliers, to glassware.

Their biggest fans won’t get a glimpse of the Queen’s handbag, but it’s sure to be special.