Ben Affleck took to the hospital for an alcohol overdose on Friday, less than a month after his long-time girlfriend Jennifer Garner filed for divorce, Entertainment Tonight reports.

The actor-director, 46, was first hospitalized on Tuesday for “an undisclosed illness” but ended up suffering an “overdose” that caused him to be hospitalized again on Friday. One of Affleck’s representatives told E! News, “He was admitted to the hospital for treatment of alcohol poisoning, and has been released. He is doing fine and continues to focus on his family.”

Despite fans’ hopes that Affleck was doing well, he struggled to get out of bed before jumping into a cab for the hospital, according to a TMZ video.

During the video, his aunt Francesca Avalos told TMZ that Affleck hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be “completely sober” and asked that his fans should “give him a break” as he seeks help for his alcohol addiction.

After he left the hospital on Friday night, Affleck shared a picture on Instagram in which he thanked his family for their love and support.

“Thank you to everyone for the love and support,” Affleck captioned the photo of himself. “I’m back & better than ever.”

Further down the Instagram Story, Affleck posted a video and said he was feeling “confident and good” and reflected on the “joy and the beauty and the love” of the times he shared with Garner, according to E! News.

“Obviously we’re in a really rough spot and, you know, we had a really good friend who treated me really well and paid the best visit of my life when I was in the hospital,” Affleck said in the video. “I couldn’t even go to him, and it was just the most extraordinary thing.”

The tumultuous ups and downs in Affleck and Garner’s marriage have been well-documented, including reports of Affleck infidelity, child abuse allegations and an August 2017 rehab stint. In November, it was revealed that Garner had filed for divorce from Affleck, citing irreconcilable differences, but both parties have said that there is no hard feelings and are committed to working out the divorce quietly.

Read the full story at USA Today.


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