On Sunday night, Ben Affleck was photographed arriving at the 10th annual pre-Oscar Vanity Fair party in Beverly Hills wearing a hotel bathrobe. He was not alone. He was with his good friend, Matt Damon. Although the future of Affleck’s acting career is unclear, he is determined to beat his alcoholism and forge a more professional relationship with his mother, a month after a Daily Mail report suggested that she and Affleck had fallen out. (Mother and son later released a joint statement saying that they have an enduring, loving relationship.)

In a new excerpt from his upcoming in-depth interview with Vanity Fair magazine, which will hit newsstands on Feb. 26, Affleck revealed that he “tried everything he could to escape” the situation. “I was pissed when I first read the story,” Affleck told VF’s Elizabeth Weber. “I tried everything I could to escape it. I was at a rehab facility at the time. I was trying to hold on to my sobriety and process it. And there’s some stuff in the piece that I thought … just kind of missed the mark. It blew my mind.”

Since the “drinking and rehab” article appeared, the actor and producer has publicly apologized to his family, including his mother. “What’s most important is to work on myself and get better so I can be the best father I can be,” he told NBC’s Today show in an April 2018 interview. “If that’s inconvenient for people, then so be it.”

Now, it seems that so long as his sobriety stays intact, he’s willing to be whatever his mother asks him to be.

Read the full story at Vanity Fair.


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