Democratic presidential candidate Evan Bayh shared his concerns with South Bend Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg Friday over the possibility that President Donald Trump might win the race for re-election in 2020.

“The only thing that should be worries us is not when Bernie Sanders wins, it should be when Donald Trump wins,” Bayh said, according to a video from Buttigieg’s campaign.

Buttigieg, who’s running for mayor again, was offering his reactions after a voter expressed doubt that Sanders would defeat Trump.

“I’m worried about that, yeah,” he responded, adding that he was concerned because “we’ve got a system that’s not based on who can speak loudest and be the most loud and scream and shout and have a parade on the street in front of the White House.”

In an interview with CNN on Friday, Buttigieg acknowledged he made that comment but said that wasn’t his intention.

He added that this was one of the things he discussed with Bayh: “Honestly, he brought it up and I brought it up, and there was a lot of … ideas and thoughts that came out of it.”

Buttigieg then added, “I share that concern and I’m scared by that.”

The Democrat made a name for himself as the first openly gay American mayor of a major American city when he served as mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

He has previously said he will consider a run for president.