Shorter story but it has been edited for clarity. The generally truculent White House press corps finally got a little smile on its face Thursday when someone came to their defense. It was Bloomberg, not the White House.

It started with Trump's attacks on former presidential rival Mike Bloomberg, calling him "Chaotic Bloomberg" and more.

"Chaotic Bloomberg has called for raising our taxes,” Trump said in the White House daily press briefing. “He has called for raising taxes on small businesses in the country. He's allowed some of the most anti-tax, anti-jobs legislation of all time to move forward. We'll see how successful he is. But in the meantime, look at the economy, we're growing at 4.2%. We're the best economy the United States has had since Ronald Reagan, so anything that Chaotic Bloomberg wants to do he's going to have a very hard time with the power of the United States Senate.”

Not surprisingly, Bloomberg's deputy press secretary James Fergusson replied with an impressive length answer. What might have impressed even a more dour press corps about this exchange, however, was Bloomberg's response to Trump's attack on his stance on the border wall.

"The president has suggested that I'm making this issue up. I'm not,” Bloomberg said. “This is a very important issue. This is a very tough issue. I am not part of some effort to undermine the president’s national security policy. I am not. I would be heartened if he were to change course, come to the table and negotiate. That would be the best way to try to resolve this issue.”

Trump quickly responded to Bloomberg, calling it "an embarrassment" and using Bloomberg's initial comment that he wanted the wall in Trump's tax reform package as evidence of his words.

“I’m talking about the things that, from this day forward, we’re going to be talking about,” Trump said. “How is it possible that a man who opposes the border wall stands to personally make more than a billion dollars by taking a tax deduction that he stood against throughout this entire debate? ... It’s an embarrassment, it’s really an embarrassment.”