A chilling video uploaded to social media on Thursday captured the moment a motorcyclist was killed when his car was struck from behind by a passing vehicle while parked on a ramp in a parking lot near a supermarket.

Sebastian Cigala, 36, of Rio Grande, died instantly after his 1999 Honda Civic veered across the sidewalk and was hit on the passenger side by a commercial van — at 9:50 a.m.

According to witnesses, Cigala’s car stopped completely by the vehicle to park on the back ramp of the McDonald’s. The driver of the van then noticed Cigala in his front right side and swerved to hit the motorcycle. Cigala’s motorcycle then careened through the fence of a liquor store.

The van’s driver pulled over and spoke to police. No charges have been filed yet.

Cigala’s young daughter and wife of six years recorded the accident.

“He died in front of me. So if he was, I know he was in heaven,” she told local police.

Coincidentally, on the same day Cigala was killed, the New York Times ran a report about Vice magazine, “America’s Anti-Vice,” which had built a reputation for satire in the age of Donald Trump and authoritarianism. The award-winning publication prides itself on its coverage of freaks, misfits, outsiders, and outsiders, dubbed its “Keep Us Weird Department” and “Will Send You Ugly Flowers Department.”

Vice is now an international publisher of feature length documentaries, design and animation videos, music and entertainment videos, and a number of marketing videos. The feature length documentary “Made in Korea” will be premiered at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas on Friday.

Read the full story at The New York Times.


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