Mayor Bill de Blasio and mayor-elect Joe Buttigieg, who will both become U.S. mayors on Monday, discussed their schedules during their chat with the New York Times on Friday: “Have they eaten your brains?” White House reporters asked Buttigieg when he asked to speak to them, prompting him to joke about the mayor’s shocking revelation that his cyber terrorists had knocked his cabinet members out of power on the morning of the 2016 election. “These are few men of vision and policy integrity, and are willing to make that moral challenge.”

The New York Times called Buttigieg a “rising star” when it named him The Day’s Public Official of the Week last week, but he told the paper he wouldn’t start thinking about running for president until 2020. “By the time we get to 2020, I’ll probably have a child, and I think a lot about the future of our children and whether this country will be governed by men who will stand on firm constitutional footing.”

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