DENVER—Releasing an official press release Wednesday to commemorate the occasion, Warner Bros. Pictures announced that the forthcoming lighthearted live-action thriller Birds Of Prey had been renamed Birds Of Prey: Huntress, Huntress, Huntress, Huntress. “Following poor box office results that affected our projections of a March opening, we’ve decided to reframe the film as a vehicle for leading ladies Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Jurnee Smollett-Bell,” the Hollywood major said in the statement, adding that the studio was “confident in the quality of the script” and that the $55 million production was “ready to shine” following the rebranding. “This redone iteration of Birds Of Prey will be a cinematic event, a story filled with thrilling action, villains who engage in unbelievable underworld schemes, and heroes who take on the forces of evil. With their characters intact, expect Birds Of Prey to double its release next month, and hopefully rise to prominence and become a bona fide hit.” Suicide Squad studio Warner Bros. Pictures was unavailable for comment.