It may be the most purely ridiculous PSA you will ever see, but when it comes to women's self-exams, we can't have it any other way.

Every day, a shocking number of women develop breast cancer, often without even realizing it. With this in mind, we opted to throw this extremely graphic bus stop bench, which highlights the importance of a yearly breast self-exam, into an extremely sick fashion shoot.

The ten-second clip shows two women sitting at an outdoor bus stop, having apparently just given themselves a self-exam. After the gap in the window is momentarily filled with a large black blob, they give the up-close-and-personal self-examination.

Serendipity strikes as a gasps of breath ring out through the bus bench, which is subsequently shot down by the re-appearance of the black blob. As the next woman sits down, her eyes narrow to their left, before she is struck with another deep sniffle.

However, she doesn't miss a beat, adding: "If you want it out of there, then let's get it out." The clip ends, with the sight of the empty seat, after a further two women have taken seats in the frame.

In the expletive-filled final seconds, the black blob returns as one of the ladies begs her mother-in-law to get her "tightening up."

Luckily, the clip, which starts at 1:03, becomes just as relevant to women as it is to their colleagues or friends.

Although I'm sure that this video isn't the most stimulating advert, I'll be damned if someone isn't going to take me for my sisters before it's too late.

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