NEW YORK—In an unexpected pre-scheduled press conference held Friday, former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg issued an apology for the economic and social injustices he wreaked on the American black community during his time in office, telling reporters that he should have invested more in the struggling minority community. “Over the course of many years, over and over again, I have failed to uplift, empower, and empower all people,” said Bloomberg, adding that he “regretted” his failure to create opportunities for the black community that were commensurate with the efforts made by marginalized Americans throughout the history of American capitalism. “These economic issues have devastated whole communities—I apologize to the entire African-American community for my failure to provide them with decent-paying jobs, upward mobility, honest and legitimate businesses, and the opportunity to feel as though they have a voice in their community. I fully recognize that my failures have affected the daily lives of generations of black people.” Bloomberg added that he fully understood the unique challenges African-Americans face, and that his pre-planned apology served as a meaningful statement of solidarity.