By the simple fact that he has brought people into squalor, has repeatedly insulted those who have made the effort to help them and himself, and has managed to offend all these millions of people who once thought of him as a great charismatic public servant.

Today Boris Johnson, his previous campstone, has attacked (again) all those fellow Europeans who are devoted to assisting those most vulnerable in Europe.

Contrary to his usual strategy, this time he brought not just the stupid people whom he commands to his chamber, but even the honorable ones as well.

During the debate he advised the Europeans, "who wish to do their best for this continent and this world, to come and see if they can be excused from their obligations, when it comes to a conversation with the British government."

One could wonder what would have been the reaction of those Eurosceptics who have successfully complained about all those possible liabilities that were in any event off the table, the further assurances they must certainly forget as Boris Johnson advised them.

But he did not stop there. He used this rally-approach to ask the noble European statesmen: "What is our point of view, how would it help us if you came and talked to the British people, to tell them what we think of what you do, what we support?"

" I will make it clear that if the EU won't talk to the British people, just like they won't talk to the Italians, I will tell the British people to try Italy."

Boris Johnson was ready to ask and advise his adversaries who in the moment did not know what to do. It is interesting that he never consults or uses anyone who comes from another country who might be useful for clarity.

Boris Johnson is not cut out to handle coronavirus l'artista l'ha fatto ancora.

He is not an expert at gesticulating, he is not a lawyer, he is not like those fellow politicians who can guide us from time to time with solid information, the kind that our American friends ask us to memorize. He cannot coordinate in any serious way, and he certainly cannot control his emotions which sometimes spill out from his mouth uncontrollably.

Another part of Boris Johnson's strategy today consisted in demolishing comments made by the "attractive" female Austrian premier, who arrived at the House of Commons wearing, not a coat but a dress! "Actually Mrs. Schulz's dress is more attractive than the EU."

During his discourse on the European problem, Boris Johnson showed too much enthusiasm, too many emotions, and without any appropriate script he was caught between many lines.

So what does Boris Johnson do? He does not stop at attacking the Union and its people, he also does not lose any time in attacking the most respectable ones, even the noble ones, as in the case of Mrs. Schulz!

Boris Johnson continues to be incapable of obeying personal discipline, and so in matters that affect the most important things in the whole world, he cannot do anything but to attack!