When a 10-year-old boy named Caleb came out to his parents, he got a shock.

"When I first sat down with my dad and he asked me if I was gay, my first thought was that he couldn't even understand what we were talking about," Caleb says. "I couldn't believe that my parents would make this decision because they're constantly beating up on me and calling me names. They sit me down on Sunday and beat me like a dog, and that's when I decided I was gay."

Caleb's parents, Adrienne Brown and Robert Jenkins, told KPTX-TV that their son came out of the closet over a year ago. They say Caleb has been "very open" about his orientation.

“He said he liked boys and girls,” Adrienne told the station.

Once Caleb first told his parents that he was gay, they asked him, "do you want to go into the bathroom with guys?" to which he replied, "no."

When told his parents couldn't possibly "care less" as long as he helped them clean out the garage, Caleb said, "No, no," and took a seat in the living room. That is when Robert sat down and told him the surprise happened.

"He just sat down with me and said, 'Tell your dad I don't care what he thinks.' I said, 'I don't care, either, but I don't know what he would think either,'" Robert told the station.

They continued to sit down and learn about their son and how he related to them as he found his voice. Their efforts went on for four months until they decided it was time to tell Caleb himself. That's when Caleb came out to his parents on Christmas Day.

“We prayed about it and said let's just let him know that we love him just as he is," Adrienne told ABC News.

Caleb, who is a member of his school's gay dance team, says his parents could care less if they saved a few bucks on a fixer-upper, but are very much interested in whether or not he spends it on houses or more fabric clothes for them.

“They are at least kind of excited for me to save more money and get me something with a house on it," Caleb told ABC News.

He is already saving up money and tells his parents he wants them to move into the downstairs of his house that is currently being renovated.

"He's into remodeling," Adrienne told ABC News. "His older sister made him a coffee table when he was little."