It’s beginning to sound almost biblical, and not in a good way.

The coronavirus, which first caused illness in Saudi Arabia in 2012, has killed another two people in the United Kingdom this week, raising the death toll to 13 in the UK and prompting a government “alert,” based on information available, about the threat. In addition, the virus has killed three of four people in Spain over the past two weeks.

Infection with coronavirus, or Nasrataviruses, is believed to have been limited to camels, and it is not clear how it could have spread from camels to humans. Investigators have been mostly puzzled as to what path the virus appears to have taken in its roundabout way from Africa to Saudi Arabia to the UK and then back.

The UK Department of Health and Social Care says that it is monitoring reports of the virus, and urging anyone with symptoms to contact health services. The government advises anyone who develops symptoms to seek medical attention immediately.

The UK has the most direct flight connections between Europe and Saudi Arabia. The EDCC staff can tell you the full length of the Airbus A330 which flies from Brussels to Saudi Arabia every day. They are the current world’s greatest team of health experts and their diagnostic experts, all able to help.

We all have a role to play, from airport workers to helicopter pilots. No one should be unaware that, when we work to keep the public safe, there is a role for everyone.

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