Are there two different UK rap wars, James Haworth was wondering. Haworth, a producer from Lancashire in Britain, recently produced “Apologize,” a fan favorite track of the Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Wiley clans of British rap. On Twitter, he asked fans if he had created a meme and named the producer from Leeds, Talib Kweli, who had previously produced and released “Sister,” a fan favorite that seemingly claimed to be a response to the original. Both songs feature James Haworth. On March 12, Haworth posted a clip of Talib Kweli singing a lyric from “Apologize” and then asked the responder if the rapper was James Haworth or Talib Kweli. “I was kinda expecting Kanye West or Tyler the Creator to step in and get us. It’s pretty mad that I can pull that off,” Haworth said on a previous tweet, referring to the prolific rap stars’ Instagram posts at Talib Kweli. The response that came was enough to support the theory that Haworth had produced both songs. But James Haworth is nothing if not a bit of a provocateur. At the moment, Haworth seems more intrigued by his photo (and others from the British version of Harlem Shake) in Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo track “Ultralight Beam” than by the feud with Talib Kweli.