British start-up ADAS Laser Cutting has announced that it has received a £1m investment from venture capital firm Kima Ventures as it seeks to bring its laser cutter to market, helping create jobs.

The ten employees of ADAS’s Norwich headquarters, who currently work with cold cured food and advanced carbon fibre melt, cut a jaw-dropping 90kg cheddar using its cutting equipment. Its lasers are able to break through thicker or tougher materials up to 30 microns, while the machines can also cut down to 5 microns, which has provided customers with increased flexibility when it comes to cutting and shaping difficult parts, such as surface coating applications, bioscanners, liquids and aerials.

“Using ADAS Laser Cutting is much more cost-effective than existing solutions,” said Dr. John Smith, CEO of ADAS Laser Cutting. “Rather than constantly changing forms and using multiple techniques to prepare different materials, our lasers can easily customise the cutting technique by selecting different wavelengths and using laser extraction, laser sharpening or laser melting – our process is extremely scalable, enabling our customers to reduce manufacturing costs as a result.”

“ADAS Laser Cutting has developed an innovative new process, which will be embraced by leading cheddar producers – we see this investment accelerating their next phase of growth,” added Dr. Smith.

It is part of a £8.5m investment pot into the region’s emerging companies, under the Norwich Economic Growth Capital (NEGC) initiative. The region was one of the country’s top destinations for this type of investment last year.