Some guys would rather read a book or do homework than watch their doctor do an exam. For Bruce Springsteen, he just rolls down his window and walks into his exam like this. We wouldn't want to spoil what he has to say or "don't tell him!" But, he's at least trying!

The legendary songwriter, singer and actor usually does not want to be filmed during his annual annual prostate exam. However, today was different.

On Sunday, Bruce Springsteen showed up to the office of Dr. Marc Rosenthal, MD, a UCSF urologist who does the yearly exam, even though Bruce is not on his team. Dr. Rosenthal taped his patient. Of course, a YouTube account called ClickHole hosted the video. (We love him for this too.)

Here's where it gets weird. Bruce is wearing quite a bit of makeup during the exam. And, he couldn't stop smiling while his doc is doing this. He knows what's up!

And, I gotta say, it's priceless.

"I can't believe I'm inside his asshole," Bruce says. He's even more surprised later on when Dr. Rosenthal asks if he plays any kind of music, and he gives the ultimate answer...

"I don't play any."

How could he not play some music?!?

Well, let's hope he does pull out a guitar for his guitarist, Danny Federici, if he wants that to happen.

If the video isn't crazy enough, here's the doctor's hilarious summary of the exam. I dare you to not laugh at this.

"So I'll tell you. It's pretty much what you would expect, on the physical side. A good exam. Any thoughts that I need to correct, let me know, and I'll be happy to fix them."

What do you think about Bruce's naughty peepee? What did he have to drink for the exam? Did he order pizza during the exam? We don't need to know.

All of his age-defying abs please!

Image Source: Dennizn Photography