Bruce Springsteen is known for his quote "I'm not a billionaire" and his hatred of Donald Trump, so we can certainly see why this doctor is giving him the annual prostate exam. He could be the patient who's every day going, "That's Bruce Springsteen! I can't believe I'm inside his asshole."

About 4,000 men in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut are being treated by Dr. Joel Chey this year, including Springsteen, on his PSA Test.

The PSA is a marker for the level of prostate-specific antigen in the blood.

Springsteen was said to have had no symptoms and it's believed that patients don't have a full picture of their prostate before they can get the test.

Chey gave him a blood test and said that Springsteen still had "no symptoms and no signs of inflammation or anything."

Chey then gives the patient a test for prostate cancer.

"I want to make sure I know how much testosterone you are getting," he told Springsteen. "Now listen to this... this is a non-invasive prostate exam to see how much testosterone you are getting in your bloodstream."

"I just tried to visualize where his balls are," Chey told CBS2. "And he was telling me to shut up. I was like 'You don't have to get angry, there's a prostate exam happening.' He was like 'This is what I do, I'm a doctor, I'm in the middle of a prostate exam! Just shut up!' so I'm telling him something that's not what he's looking for right then and there. And he said 'Actually, this is when I used to get in fights.'"

Chey told CBS that there's no bad side effect from having a physical with Springsteen, and that they're just giving him a little of his medicine.

"With the millions of men who die every year of prostate cancer and with the benefit that we can provide for them is worth it," he said.

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