A record number of women are elected to the House, and governorships are up in the air. Both Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren seem to be making a play for the role of “nominee” in 2020. And President Trump’s, um, “campaign” is chugging along. The Women’s March drew a reported 2 million people to the streets of Washington, D.C., on Saturday, and there was a wide range of banners and messages on display. One that really caught my eye was the one that said “Yas!” — and at first, I thought it might be on purpose. Was there any kind of fannish marketing genius who figured out that visitors to the protest site would be grateful for any phrase that said “yas”? There would be millions of women in the U.S. ready to thank Trump for being presidential on his first day in office. Not so much.

A local TSA worker used her security screening to protest the new Trump administration. It was a very effective demonstration.

Donald Trump Jr. thinks all you journalists are doing is making it all about him. Megyn Kelly is there to force him to answer her questions, but he will never answer them.