A Colorado company has created a logo that is causing quite a buzz: The Genocide Camel. It’s pretty adorable.

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The logo is intended to convey an “obvious message,” according to company owner Tony Walker.

To make the company message clear, the company has hired a veterinarian and composer named Jeremy Dean Wilder to create original songs to go along with the current logo, in hopes of raising awareness of the genocide against humans in the world.

Wilder enlisted the help of comedians Jude Keeler, Maia Leigh-Lavelle and Tyler Ritter for the catchy video that explains that humanity is acting inhumanely toward other beings: an idea promoted by the Genocide Camel.

“Shoutout, and we’re gonna help you,” the “Lethal Boyfriend” boys say as they grab onto the Genocide Camel with their mouths to reveal a small smartphone microphone.

You can view the entire video below.

Wilder told CityBeat Denver that he is eager to help spruce up the logo: “I’m eager to tap into what i think we are trying to deliver.”

In an email to ClickHole, Wilder called Walker “a benevolent futurist” who has shown the ability to “focus on what he wants to say rather than how to say it.”

Dean Wilder really put in a lot of work to make this logo look and sound great. I’m impressed. I hope we can see much more of the Genocide Camel in the future.