This week we discussed making sense of the language barrier between people in business and with social media. Many business leaders don’t fully understand the way users think in social media — perhaps there’s a not-so-little social app that everyone’s banging on about and no one seems to understand.

What if I told you that there’s no language barrier between business and anyone else on the planet? You could outthink me in 20 minutes because of your deep knowledge of linguistics.

Business people are our leaders, so we would all benefit from increased communication channels and policies. This week, we looked at how to successfully communicate better through social media and communicated how speakers of human languages communicate differently than those with machine and AI programs.

Leaders need to be open, honest, concise, and simple, but most importantly, think about how to present their vision in a format that is accessible for others.

You can watch the entire interview with Travis Bradberry and Felicia Mayfield here:

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