In the new movie Baby Driver, the lead characters work the late night night shift as a getaway driver.

It's a perfect way to quickly integrate yourself into a new community.

So, what would that community be like if the owner wasn't able to leave home for days, weeks or months at a time?

In many families, that day comes sooner than you might imagine.

Now, it's not just the working poor who are freezing their babies.

In California, the mother of Nora Cataldo froze her newborn son until he was ready to come out of his body - which was today, January 22.

"I have a great partner, great mother, great grandma. Nothing negative comes from it. I also have a fun life," Nora told KCRW.

Nora has had extensive training on the art of hypothermia, and was able to do the freezing thing to advance her own birth plan.

"It was a plan that the hospital told me. They said we should thaw it, then raise it," Nora said.

Unfortunately, Nora says there isn't a lot of help out there for women who freeze their babies.

"Most of the time there's not anything that can be done. If you call, they can't do anything because there's nothing out there. If you don't have medical insurance, it's just going to cost you even more," Nora said.

"The beautiful thing about Nora's story is it provides a way for children to be born, lives to be saved," said Dr. Lawrence Spiller, director of UCLA's Childbirth Center.

He added he would not want his own children to be delivered without proper medical procedures.

"They can be life-threatening conditions at that early stage of gestational development," Dr. Spiller said.

Still, doctors say many things can happen with a baby in the early weeks of life that may not be clear, and that Nora's care has been extremely risk-adverse.

"Each day is a big event because not everything turns out as they'd like it to turn out," Dr. Spiller said.

Nora has a background in nursing and had the wherewithal to raise her newborn without outside help.

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Information courtesy KCRW.