Two of California’s universities have ordered their nursing students to either leave after graduation or never enroll in further studies because of concerns about a reported increase in coronavirus cases. At UC Irvine and UC Riverside, campuses are turning away students for the coming year because the classes that would have required them to work in a hospital are the same class that have been affected. They are being offered by a pair of partnerships with California’s health system.

Around 1,000 students are affected and the health providers have contacted them all, telling them that they might not be able to participate next fall. The services will be offered to students by either next year’s class or by students who opted to drop out of those classes previously. UC Riverside and UC Irvine administrators said that although the virus has been isolated from the two campuses, schools were monitoring the situation.

The largest case reported from the northern part of the state was of a homeless woman who was living near the Murrieta Border Patrol Station, where she contracted the illness. There have been 22 cases identified from the county. One person on the homeless side died from the disease.

The virus is spread by respiratory droplets that break through surfaces when someone who is sick coughs or sneezes. California has not had a case of coronavirus since the 2017 severe season of the virus but health officials now say that case might have been a false alarm. That has sparked concerns that a severe outbreak might again be looming.

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