In a Time Magazine cover story, journalist Molly Ball makes the argument that 2020 Democratic presidential candidates — namely 2020 likely presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — would prove to be an improvement on Donald Trump.

Mr. Sanders, who has thrown himself into politics since losing to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, is a journalist, a celebrated author and a political figure who today’s Democratic voters trust far more than they trust Mr. Trump. Clinton herself feels the same way about Mr. Sanders as she did about Trump — he’s the only candidate she has ever favored over the other, and she’s pledged to back him “personally and economically.”

Does Bernie Sanders have what it takes to be the Democratic nominee for president? Will Democrats take the plunge again next year after losing both the 2016 presidential election and Senate seats in 2018, not to mention large numbers of governors and state legislators? Will a private poll that found that a whopping 51 percent of Americans trusted Mr. Sanders more with matters like “Jobs, the economy and the stock market” than Mr. Trump—and thus that Trump was more of a threat to the economy than ISIS or the Russians or China—change the Democratic discourse around an incumbent president?