With The Bad Seed, creator Zeizo Takamoto continues to explore his art for ethereal action-platformer Dead Cells.

The Bad Seed is the third expansion for Dead Cells and the first add-on to the existing game that includes a new mechanic: Spiders. Since Dead Cells has a cooperative mode, characters' abilities control all spiders in the field. It serves as a clever way to have no-one focus on the main cast, like it did in 2014's I Wanna Wake Up and Other Stories. That game did not do so well in its original release in Spain in 2014, and Takamoto is returning with The Bad Seed's hope of redemption.

Nintendo also looks to have improved Dead Cells with its DS UMD release in August, just in time for the huge amount of post-holiday hype. The game's excellent development has made it feel like it could play like an indie gem well into the next generation of gaming. Although The Bad Seed is just an add-on, at its best, it feels like one big chunk of the original.

The Bad Seed takes place on another snowy wasteland just after the game's first boss fight. It's the end of the first season, after all, and we'll see the characters from across the globe before we're back into the light in, oh, August of 2020.

Dead Cells isn't even in Switch yet.

I think it's safe to say that Takamoto has made a great game and I hope it sticks around. For now, I'll keep playing with two new, spider-controlled, up-and-coming characters, like the ones I first got to know in this first story DLC episode.