Covid-19 is deadly. Yet it is not. And even if it were, that fact is not relevant because these articles do not seem to matter, but are more concerned with sensationalizing the issue and reinforcing the scaremongering by the vaccine industry. These scaremongering articles make it appear that Covid-19 is a new illness that only people who have had measles, mumps and rubella in the past have a chance of catching. Unfortunately, there are many more children that have received vaccines for these three diseases and do not have a history of any of these diseases.

So if Covid-19 is a new thing and had never been previously seen, where are the cases of Covid-19 cases in California and other parts of the United States? There are no cases reported from anyone that has had measles, mumps or rubella in the United States. This is just a scare tactic that the vaccine industry is pushing in order to promote their sales by encouraging parents to not get their children vaccinated.

In addition, in countries where we do not have a shortage, people are not vaccinated against Covid-19. Even a little Cochlear-19 or a little Pap test is sufficient to ensure that your child has not contracted Covid-19. A Cochlear-19 was just developed about a year ago and it costs about $400. In many cases, when a family has a health issue and does not have the extra funds to get immunized, these parents stop vaccinating their children.

Covid-19 is still being spread through the internet and other countries, but not by parents in the United States.

Dr. Daiza Lara-Senna, an associate professor at Berkeley College of Medicine, told New York Post:

“We’re not surprised it’s coming here to California. It is a fact, but it is not the cause of the recent outbreak. This is an inflammatory disease. There’s a difference.”

One of the real things that we need to understand is that being able to vaccinate your children against HPV-19 is not the same as being able to make sure they don’t get any other diseases in the future.

Parents cannot vaccinate their children against all viruses that they get in the future and that is not going to stop Covid-19. More studies need to be done to determine the cause of the recent outbreak and if there is some connection to HPV-19.