WASHINGTON—As officials have warned of potential widespread transmission of the human coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a statement Wednesday recommending that all Americans should also wear a face mask on the back of their head when traveling to emerging countries. "Coronaviruses are constantly on the move and pose an ever-present threat to the health of Americans who travel abroad, so it is vital that people also wear one on the back of their head so they can be prepared to protect themselves if necessary," said CDC spokesman Calvin Woodard, who added that using a face mask in areas where the common cold is endemic will also reduce the risk of respiratory disease from many other foreign viruses lurking in the environment. "Although it may not be ideal, our best defense is to simply try to wear something on the back of your head as much as possible, especially when it's difficult to breathe." Woodard added that it should be noted that Americans who must travel to countries experiencing serious pandemic outbreaks may need to further safeguard themselves by applying common cold medications and heaping medication on their heads.