Monday marks the start of the trial of socialite Lynn Jessop, 73, who is charged with obstructing justice in connection with her flight from a polygamist community in Texas last summer. In response to a search warrant, her chauffeur alerted Jessop that the police were coming to her home in St. George, Utah, and went to sleep in her car, authorities said. When the officers arrived, they saw her car in the driveway and pulled her out, in handcuffs, just as she was about to board a flight to Salt Lake City. Jessop's defense lawyers believe she took refuge in Utah due to fearing a polygamist community in Texas, where her sister was murdered. In 2002, her sister Vivian Jessop was shot to death while jogging in Cedar City, Utah. Vivian Jessop and Lynn Jessop were related by marriage, along with one of Vivian Jessop's siblings.

Also scheduled to be in court Monday is L.A. businessman Robert Hankins, 63, who is accused of providing material support and resources to the leader of a violent polygamist sect, Joseph Lyle Jeffs, by allegedly providing him with computers. In a deposition held in Salt Lake City, Linds allegedly told a Dallas FBI agent: "That's my food. That's my medicine. That's what keeps me alive. No one else is going to feed me. ... I can't survive without computers."