New regulations aim to help prevent breast cancer: — TODAY () January 17, 2019

WASHINGTON (KUSA) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is working to help prevent breast cancer through new regulations.

Currently only five states require all women to get breast self-exams, and if people don't, they can be at risk for cancer and put themselves at higher risk, according to the National Cancer Institute.

However, there is a growing push to make it mandatory so women can check themselves twice a year.

So, for some women it's a woman's only insurance option, but it can also be an extremely helpful tool for health professionals.

The Highway Beautification Act of 1956 requires bus stops be placed in physical areas, which is why many stop signs are designed with concrete stepping stones.

A little over a month ago, bus stop signs across the nation got a new generation of landscape design.

This new style includes metallic letters that are bright red, blue and green that were designed to help boost tourism and prevent people from texting and driving.

The most prominent design feature is bright red letters that are meant to get attention and call attention to the bus stops.

Unfortunately, this week during one of the snowstorms, the bright red letters were crushed.

When they were smashed, they all met together, forming a graphic design design that looks like a red ball.

To look at it the original way you'll find it doesn't look like a red ball, but more like a homemade explosion.

If you look at the ball on the handle, which you'll see immediately when you go to the bus stop, the two letters on the bottom look like sticks.

The bottom of the bus stop is also all metallic.

But, if you look at it the way the wind blows, you'll see that there's no removable part.

See the "ghost-ball" or "road explosion" as it appears in the GIF below.

The graphic company made this short video to explain to people what the graphic looks like.

"How do you recreate an exploding car?" you can hear a guy from the station asking.

"I don't know what's going on," someone else says.

"You can also just kind of shake it," another person explains.

"So, you can just shake it and everything will be fine," someone else responds.

So, in a lighthearted twist, people trying to get to work this morning were greeted with a bold graphic designed to call attention to a serious health issue.

A completely unintended battle of the sexes!

Breast self-exams are conducted one checkup at age 50.

Free breast screening is provided for eligible women every one to two years starting at age 40.

"The image should be shocking," Davita Powell, an artist who designed the bus stop design, said.

The graphic is referred to as a "ghost-ball."

Sometimes the naughty design even takes on a life of its own.

It was created to promote the "American Spirit" campaign promoting "turning inward to do the things that are most important."

"Look, you did not burn a cross and throw it in a river," Powell said, "but you can look at yourself. You can check yourself and you can see everything that is going on there and make sure it's okay."