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To whom it may concern:

Since taking this post over, our computer has become infested with some rather pernicious creatures. It's not going to seem normal for a long time to come.

Weather Channel - Trees are starting to turn green. They are growing in great numbers. We can see them in the trees. The bushes are also growing in numbers. Also, last weekend we saw our first glimmer of autumn colour, and it's been a good one for us. Our cute little "babies", the two osprey chicks, have also left the nest and ventured out to sea, and so far they seem happy. We've been keeping tabs on them, because they just won't stop! It's been great to see them off to sea and to keep them safe. Also, we have seen our first Goldeneye spy plane, which flies about over Louisiana. We've had wonderful weather recently, as well as torrential downpours. We haven't got any downpours, though - just chilly wintry showers.

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Josh Geiger/ClickHole