What started out as a hug between two teammates ended with a jarring exchange between Miami Marlins star shortstop J.T. Realmuto and New York Yankees third baseman Miguel Andujar on Friday night.

And after Yankees shortstop Cody Bellinger hit a two-run homer off former UCLA pitcher Drew Pomeranz, Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa told reporters he would be watching how the Astros do in their Super Bowl rematch against the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on Saturday night.

“We won our rings fair and square,” Correa said, apparently alluding to the fact that the Dodgers were also celebrating a World Series title.

“Cody Bellinger, the owner of that ring, please take some of that space, maybe he's the only one getting all of it," Correa told the media.

Bellinger, who was a .256 hitter for the Dodgers, said that the statement wasn't his idea.

“I think the crystal ball on who wins the World Series might come out tomorrow, but we'll see,” Bellinger said.


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