According to Juniper Research, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will dramatically change the way digital services are deployed worldwide. We are at a pivotal moment, where access to data and methods to analyze data are increasingly coupled with cloud and IoT services.

Service providers are reporting accelerated growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. And we are seeing increased interest in these capabilities in areas such as consumer and enterprise cloud service performance management, network monitoring, security, and diagnostic analytics.

We analyzed 19 deployments of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning this quarter, covering over one million subscribers and covering over a thousand connected devices and service providers.

Despite the impact of the financial crisis on consumer spending, the report shows good subscriber growth for various services, such as consumer-facing Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity services. Going forward, we will see telecommunication companies facing increasing pressure from their subscribers, who increasingly expect their services to be instantaneous, scalable, and mobile.

Continued growth in IoT is expected to drive the adoption of the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Especially in connected services, machine learning has generated significant adoption and growth, particularly for Internet of Things products. Machine learning and AI are enabling a variety of new capabilities in a wide variety of areas such as billing and customer service. As internet access becomes faster and more advanced, and as machine learning becomes more prevalent and accessible, the process of upgrading the Internet to improve speed and reliability will dramatically expand.

Improvements in these services will be directly a result of new machine learning and AI capabilities that result from the combination of artificial intelligence and artificial or machine learning. This combination of skills are important for service providers, since it will enable them to execute a broad variety of new services.