Vienna, Austria – Two more cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported in Austria.

The first case is a 67-year-old woman from Upper Austria who travelled to Saudi Arabia. Her risk of acquiring the disease is high because of having recently travelled to another Middle Eastern country, whose first case of coronavirus was diagnosed on Jan. 17. She is recovering.

The second case is a 54-year-old man from Lower Austria who is at home, and who showed clinical symptoms of flu. He also travelled to Saudi Arabia last fall. His risk of contracting the disease is very low.

The latest cases bring the total number of confirmed infections in the Schengen area to 11 and in Austria to two, both so far in February.

In the context of monitoring the new virus, the WHO and the Austrian Health Administration both recommend, at the present stage, the same measures as when a similar virus appeared in Germany and France, and when a similar virus also appeared in other European countries.

These include steps to avoid exposure to new cases, close personal contacts, and temporary medical isolation, such as extra care when returning from particular countries.

These are not general, generalised health prevention guidelines, but rather recommendations to individual providers and health organisations, and providers to individual patients.