There are plenty of couples in Hollywood who have more babies than Daniel Bryan and Nikki Bella, but the former WWE couple announced this week that they are expecting their first child. So what’s the secret to their happy togetherness? When asked by an interviewer whether they ever considered keeping their personal life private (they both have made no secret that they love being in the spotlight), Nikki said that she and Brie aren’t like other couples.

“We’re so busy, our lives are so full, that we’re never doing anything that anybody else would even consider,” she said. “It’s not like we’re hiding something, like we’re doing a magazine shoot or we’re doing a TV show or something like that. We’re putting all that on hold so that we can spend that time with each other. That, we’re so proud of.”

Brie added, “We’re actually like our own most famous person. So, whenever we think about a show, it’s like why would we turn down the opportunity to do that? Why would we turn down an opportunity to promote our wellness products, why would we turn down an opportunity to be on Dancing with the Stars, why would we turn down a show like this? Why would we turn down a chance to just share a career with someone who we love so much?”

Nikki added that she and Brie have been together for 18 years, and they didn’t know that there was anything special about their relationship until they got pregnant. “For us, [having a child] was almost a disease of hope,” she said. “We thought we could just want it for a short time, and after a while we were like, ‘Okay, that’s fine, we’ll wait, we’ll wait, and we’ll wait’... and now, knowing that the sooner we wanted to have a baby, the sooner we were able to give one of our own to the world, that made a huge change in our perspective.”

So what’s their biggest craving after pregnancy? According to Brie, it’s

photos of cars!


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