A conservative group's perceived snub of Mitt Romney was ridiculed Friday by social media users as "official GOP acceptance of marriage equality and prohibition."

The group that hosts the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) took swift action to issue an apology, according to Politico, after pro-LGBT activists posted an account of a female CPAC conference attendee using the phrase "we are very lucky" to support whether she could bring her fiancé to the March 5 conference.

CPAC stated in a statement:

“Some background to clarify recent events. CPAC is not formally participating in the hosting of any formal dialogue with our convention committee host, the Republican National Committee (RNC). Due to logistical constraints, these organizations, along with others, are unable to complete the contract. We regret that in this instance, CPAC was put in a situation where it was required to make a formal commitment, with specific deadlines and payments, without full information on yet-to-be released party platforms. We look forward to working with our partners to address future requirements.”

The informal agreement to hold the event a day earlier than originally scheduled, but with a price tag, had caused an uproar, including from the CPAC organizing committee’s own president, Sam Clovis, who tweeted:

“I want to publicly apologize to the pro-family community for the inclusion in our schedule and for the action behind the move. I made this decision as Chair without full knowledge of the details and lacked transparency as I think we all should.”

Clovis later tweeted that he regretted his earlier statement.

ACLU executive director Anthony Romero tweeted at Clovis about the apology, saying, "Don't you support the rights of LGBT Americans?

HuffPost listener Julie Ewing commented, "GOP rejects speech from marriage equality advocates? (hashtag)," to which D.B. Reportz responded, "And tax breaks for married couples."

Twitter user Tony Schwartz, CEO of the audio organization Light in the Attic, joked, "Sure, six years is more than one year, but I think it should be more."