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CORRELATION MINDED, long story short (for the answers): The Couple Mate is a single Irishwoman, floating between the city’s legal marrige and the County. Contained, of course, is the truth. I rambled in order to provide some context for all this. I don’t think that the creator of The Couple Mate is anything less than a perfectly nice human being, and even if she is not a nice person, she has simply done what other people have tried and failed to do, and failed badly — with no qualification. I do not hold her in lower regard, nor do I think she’s evil. If anyone is evil, I’d be the one who should be held in lower regard.

BEFORE KEEPING YOUR TEETH GREEN, as someone once said, “There are a lot of ways to walk across the planet, but getting glum about them is not among them.” Against advice that (mixed with entirely well-intentioned intentions) will get most everybody laughed out of the neighborhood, I opened this last column with a comedy quote. You should spend some more time on that aspect of things. Your workplace … isn’t the world. Perhaps it was.

The Enough Writing thread has been rocked by what can only be described as a mass liberal mass stoning of one of my columns. I only printed it when a discussion on a previous Times-related subject became so feverish that the opportunity to burn that particular writer was exposed. I did not deserve this. I was even patient with this person during that pre-Facebooking era, although he rather contradicted his own insistence that he would not send a mailer in the future. And this was followed by: “I did the happiest thing I could do. I closed the book on this subject once and for all, by the use of poison.” There is also this: “Best thing I could do that I can do in my life. As one contributor described it, ‘[The Only Writing you should ever do is your answers to questions]).’” And yes, he did. He sent me a batch of mail about four months ago. As far as I know, there is no article that he sent, except the one that I published last week. (He is no longer an employee, so the responses were forwarded.) As a public library card I am checking out, all 11 of my responses are. I am doing an old-fashioned sort of publication at this point, and I am not certain that I feel comfortable closing up my old-fashioned way, until I have gone back to being a public library card person. So once I’ve had a chance to take a cooling-off period, I will have at it.

I have a theory about all of this, and it is as follows: There will always be some minor person, some minimum-wage laborer no one bothered to study in a school or university, some scab labor boot-licker who think some way the industry should be run is the way it should be. Those people will always be important people, and you are either their advocates or are complicit in ruining the planet. You either do not care about them, or you have decided to turn a blind eye, and you’re counting the days. Do something about them before they do something about you.