If you want a candidate who knows his or her way around Green Bay, Iowa, you need look no further than Pete Buttigieg, a 33-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana, running to be the first openly gay commander in chief.

Buttigieg began the week showing solidarity with Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, and recently coauthored a letter to Sen. Dick Durbin and Nancy Pelosi urging that they pass any legislation relating to federal debt “without considering tax cuts for businesses.” (It’s possible that he has in fact seen a ghost of America’s economic future.)

He was also slightly late to the party’s resistance to the travel ban and has bragged about “earning money off [his] personal security detail,” a particularly apt example of cashing in on elected office.

His antics are mounting, particularly as his campaign started to grow in the race for Democratic National Committee chair.

A video that surfaced Sunday appeared to show Buttigieg attempting to use the office’s wifi during a ride in a city bus. In the video, he said, “I gotta be honest with you. I’m just going to go use the WiFi. That’s a decision I’m about to make.”

When a reporter for The Tribune Eagle tweeted an edited clip of the video, Buttigieg clarified, “It wasn’t my FAVORITE place for wifi and I’ve been there many times but I was traveling and making time to chat with a few more people.”

He has also criticized the “patronizing” assumption that women must come from a certain socioeconomic class.

A man who has spent his career working to improve the lives of his city’s residents is a contender for the party’s top job: That is, if he doesn’t screw things up.

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