Women and men tackle the Belding River cliffs above Rowena Lake at Powder Mountain ski resort in Sandy, Utah, on February 10, 2019. We’re up-to-date on conditions. (Cathleen Allison/The Washington Post)

Even though ski resorts near the parched parched mountains of America in the Pacific Northwest have seen a number of avalanches this season, there aren’t nearly as many in the Powder Mountain resort area in Utah where it’s spring, and near ice-covered terrain. But whether you’re a dedicated skier or a non-skier, snow conditions are almost always going to be worth a trip to Utah. Of course, unless you’re one of the handful of people willing to ski or snowboard in the middle of the day, you will just be paying a decent price for the privilege, but even during warm days, the mountains are lively with locals, kids, boarders, skiers and snowboarders.

It’s a bit ironic: Skiers can only buy lift tickets at 7 a.m. and at 3 p.m. When day skiing isn’t offered, locals can get the early-morning lift tickets for a bargain price of $24. Plus, the views from higher elevations are breathtaking as you turn back down the mountain. Plus, Powder Mountain offers something all ski resorts should offer: a mountain camp, allowing guests to sleep in traditional ski-in, ski-out cabins for their entire stay.

So, prepare to ski or snowboard in awe of the clarity and power of winter. Now: If you go, I will go, too. For a refresher on Powder Mountain, along with its style, click here.


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