Last week on Off the Record, Matt Miller gave us an insightful look at what it takes to get the best out of Productivity on the Internet. Today, he’s shared some of his favorite tips from personal experience to help you get started today, week to week.

Every blog post or article isn’t designed to solve a problem that exists. Many times we make the mistake of not seeing an opportunity or clarifying the point we are trying to make. By offering similar but very different tips for the same problem, you not only double your productivity by ensuring you always get the same point, but you get more people involved so you can add to the conversation.

How do you prevent anxiety from building? Learn how Matt plans to cut anxiety in half with the help of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Toolkit (CBT-T).

With email, everyone assumes you are reading them, but it doesn’t mean you have to. Similarly, learning how to start small with Facebook is an excellent way to help your productivity.

Knowing when to quit and not burn out is what creates a powerful toolkit to get the most out of your time. Learn how Matt plans to create successful patterns that maximize his performance and increase his productivity by the hour.

How do you use your time efficiently so that you stay engaged when others are calling your attention away? Learn how Matt reduces distractions on his time using Alexa and it’s similar to how I work.

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Off the Record is filmed at True Knowledge, an education organization at the forefront of predictive science.

Takeaway from Off the Record:

Using recurring themes within your approach, your boss and coworkers will see your productivity master that you are!

Up to day, evening and weekends, staying busy is the key to making your work life work!

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