This doctor wants to set the record straight about his Bruce Springsteen Prostate Exam. And it has nothing to do with the amount of corny New Jersey references he packs into one of the greatest rock and roll albums of all time.

Dr. Randy Weiss of Brooklyn’s Lenox Hill Hospital brings the all-American doctor his annual prostate exam. Weiss, a Pennsylvania native, is a huge fan of the Boss.

"I don't know if you know, but Bruce Springsteen's first album was 'Born to Run,'" Weiss said. "I actually love Bruce Springsteen. We've got a poster for his charity at Lenox Hill Hospital. It says 'Honor Peter's Love and Commitment to Help Others Live Life.'"

Springsteen's aid Peter Bornstein died at Lenox Hill in the '70s. Bornstein founded the nonprofit practice.

Bornstein's wife of 51 years, Nancy Bornstein, recorded the artist's 1982 duet with the Beatles, "The Girl in the Other Room."

Weiss told a local CBS station he wanted to treat the Boss like any other patient, but what happened when Bornstein arrived was eerily similar to The Boss' 1980 mixtape.

"There were a lot of line that didn't quite make sense, but overall he was very easy to work with," Weiss said. "Bruce was kind of from the '70s. His mind is still in the '70s. I came out of med school back in the '70s. What I remembered was that when we did the exam he would immediately find that incision in the back of my pants and pass it on to Peter."

In return, Weiss told a local New York City TV station that Bornstein was a nice guy. In fact, Weiss said Bornstein was at first a little confused about how his patient, Springsteen, could be wrong about everything.

He said Bornstein was a little "stuck between stepfather and father."

"His entire life was dedicated to serving other people and he was treating me for my anxiety," Weiss said. "I had never touched anybody before, let alone somebody of Bruce Springsteen's stature."

The New York Post's Page Six reported that Bornstein planned to attend the concert Friday night in his honor, but it's unclear whether he was still on schedule. Bruce's concert takes place in Newark, New Jersey.