On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil ordered a suit for himself.

What is a fat suit?

He explained on air that he had to wear a fat suit because he had lost 26 pounds in the past two months. Dr. Phil said he was very proud of his weight loss.

Wearing the fake suit, he sat in his office and talked about how he needed the dress, stating he looked ridiculous in sweatpants and hoodie.

Dr. Phil went on to say “There’s a saying—‘If you’re not one of the hundred in every meeting, you don’t matter.’ That’s what I feel like—that I don’t matter at all.”

He mentioned that he used to feel heavy and heavy-lidded and felt like the heaviest person in the room, but that now, he was over 100 pounds less and feeling heavy and heavy-lidded—not about himself, but more like an extra in the room.

Dr. Phil then joked about feeling like an extra in the room, which caused him to feel uncomfortable and offered to put his jeans on to make sure they fit.

As he was talking, Dr. Phil didn’t say one thing about women.

Was he talking about women he felt made the mistakes? Or why he didn’t say anything about how he himself was standing at a disadvantage? Were they all men? Did he feel like he was a walking time bomb?

Because of his humor about the suit and not about his own clothing, Dr. Phil is criticized online.

People love to pick apart a celebrity, one’s body, and call him sexist and just plain “obnoxious.”

The Tyra Banks Show famously put Tyra Banks in a women’s clothing suit and wearing only gold bikini bottoms, covering up her clothing.

Hers were pearl-wrapped and hand-embroidered, and her hair were braided and in pony tails.

Is Tyra abusing this platform she has in order to make a headline?

This had been a topic on MediaTakeOut, which commented on how “Awful This Is,” saying “Tyra Banks Goes to MDA’s Hospital, Got Her Entire Body Hair Transplanted—But Only Waxed Her D*ck All Ova Hair!!!!”

Sounding harmless and laughable, these comments highlighted the harassment Tyra Banks gets when she wears clothing made from men’s clothing, putting her legs in revealing dresses that show off her backside.

Then there’s Kim Kardashian, who wears revealing clothes that are designed for her body shape. She’s been body shamed for displaying this fact on TV.

Khloé Kardashian tweeted, in response to this body shaming, “When will people learn, calling another woman what they DON’T want to hear!???”

Would you not wear a skirt that caused someone to look at your behind?

It is the norm for celebs to wear revealing dresses, putting them on display, also giving men the chance to admire how good their own women look.

This goes against the new anti-harassment rules put forth by Time’s Up, making it an offense.

Dr. Phil deserves praise for his diet and weight loss journey, as well as his openness about the struggles of his childhood. But, the cameras following him around on TV makes people look and think he is being “pushy” and “annoying” for a living.