By Staff Writer

If the country wants to have snap elections now, they should consider different methods, musician, Malay leader, entertainer and ASEAN Foundation vice-chairman Dr Zainudin Nordin Khalid has said.

Khalid, who was among those who met with then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad last Friday, said that he felt unable to support a snap poll.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, he said that having snap polls was unwarranted and an act of wasted money and that it was foolish of the so-called Pakatan Harapan leaders to do that.

He said that Mahathir had said that he would write to the Malaysian Election Commission (MEC) to call for elections, citing long queues in the polling stations.

“However, I asked him is it a true statement? It’s nonsense. If it’s true, then let’s have them now. I am advised to accept the decision of Mahathir.

“If he believes this election must be held immediately to avoid a delay because of the long queues, it is pointless to have snap polls now because the voter turnout is low and as an entertainer it is an act of excess in producing and wasting money,” Khalid said.

He said that now was the time for the Malays to come forward and stand for change.