Ann Doraville in response to Emily Bazelon’s article “What’s Stopping Women From Starting a Business?”

My business, Feedback Loops, provides the very best of the internet in a stylish package. Each week the identical and deluxe boxes include a selection of products and technologies from YouTube channels, from women’s wellness channels and from other beauty and lifestyle channels. We thought no one would appreciate our fusion of online and real life, but readers love it. My products are highlighted on the website alongside these videos and products. Most of our clients are in their late 20s and early 30s.

In a nutshell, the site ( is a place for you to record a video, give feedback about the experience and become part of the community. Customers can visit us, upload a video and within a few days, they’ll receive an e-gift box with products that are important to them — in addition to the wonderful program and professional design. So, we think that the fact that customers love our products is the reason. They feel like they’re part of the community, and, more importantly, like they’re making a difference. This must come from the fact that we’re a women-owned business.

What we need to do, however, is build a wider base of customers and build some brand awareness. We create a great customer experience, but in order to add more subscribers, we have to work harder to achieve this. We hope to build up our subscriber base and also leverage the strong content community that we have.